Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Devastating Peace

In my God, I find a terrible hope--a devastating peace.

How so?

It has to do with how invested I am in this life.  As a child I could run to God... "Help me, help me!" Ah the comfort a child finds in his parents arms and oh so quickly, no longer needs them.  Time to run, time to jump, time to play--uh oh, thorn bush, back to Mom!

Ahh...but now I am adult.  My life entwines with so many valuable treasures.  My heart embraces fading hopes without number.  Then I need God.  Yes, reader, I am really this simple, this immature!  I need God and I run to Him and I remember.  Throwing my arms around my creator exposes all my little treasures, all the broken toys I cling to.  Suddenly I am vulnerable, suddenly all that clutter announces itself.  "So who needs it?" you say!  Well, you go ahead and toss your stuff.  Mine is a part of me.  But, of course, in time--when the pain level overwhelms my need to be adult, I cave.  I come.  I surrender.  And, you know, being a kid again is not so bad.

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation."
Psalm 68:19

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